Colorectal Cancer

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Outcomes of colorectal surgery by our team are comparable to  current international standards. The team was invited to present their data at SAGES Annual Conference at Baltimore, USA, 2019. Subsequently colorectal surgery readmission data and laparoscopic & robotic surgery technique for colon cancer was presented at Indian Society of Surgical Gastroenterology Annual Conference, AIIMS, New Delhi 2019.

What are the symptoms of colorectal cancers?

Colorectal cancer may not have any symptoms in the early phase but if present they may be:

1. Change in bowel habits (alternating diarrhea and constipation)

2. Decreased caliber of stools

3. Blood or mucus in stools

4. Sense of incomplete evacuation after passing stools

5. Generalized weakness

6. Unintentional loss of weight

What are the treatment options for colorectal cancers?

Surgery (colectomy for colon cancer; total mesorectal excision or TME for rectal cancer) is the primary treatment for colorectal cancers with emphasis on sphincter preservation so that patient can void through natural passage and permanent bag (pouch) is avoided. In patients with early stage such as stage I & II, minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopic) or robotic is emerging as preferred option.

Patients with stage III & IV colorectal cancer may be advised to undertake chemotherapy &/ or radiotherapy prior to surgery which can be traditional open, laparoscopic or robotic.

What are the specific advantages of robotic surgery for rectal cancer?

Robot helps surgeon to operate in closed, narrow spaces in the pelvis where it may be difficult to perform laparoscopic surgery. Robotic surgery helps in better nerve sparing rectal cancer surgery which translates into better functional outcomes.

What are the treatment options for advanced colorectal cancer?

In locally advanced rectal cancers (cT3 or T4) combined modality treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy & surgery) effectively downstages the disease thereby making sphincter preserving surgery feasible. In patients with colorectal cancers presenting with liver metastases (stage IV) effective surgical and chemotherapy options are available to provide prolonged survival with good quality of life.

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