What Is Surgical Gastroenterology (SGE)?

Due to the diligent work of pioneering surgeons, refinements in surgical techniques, advancements in critical care and imaging over the last 2-3 decades, the field of digestive tract surgery witnessed a series of patient friendly developments.

There were significant improvements in outcomes of various surgical procedures for cancer and non cancer diseases – particularly those for the liver & biliary surgery, pancreas esophagus and rectum.

With safety of major procedures such as liver and pancreatic resections no longer a matter of debate due attention was the focused on providing good functional outcomes and quality of life.

The ushering of the new millennium witnessed the introduction of laparoscopic surgery for digestive tract cancers and more recently robot assisted surgery.

With singular focus on state of art management of digestive tract diseases, the field of specialized digestive tract surgery was established – ‘G.I Surgery’ or ‘Surgical Gastroenterology.